Monday, November 08, 2004

The Land Down Under

Hey there folks. I've been here in Manly on Sydney's Northern Beaches for the past month. Manly is situated seven miles north-east of Sydney on the lower Northern Beaches. Surrounded on three sides by water, Manly is a top spot to access the harbour and the 18 ocean beaches, coves and inlets to swim, sail and surf. In a nutshell Manly is Sydney's top beach resort.

I have now moved out of the delightful 'Boardriders Backpackers' into my own apartment, or should I say 'unit'. Basically I have a fully-furnished studio apartment on Addison Road, Manly, just seconds from Manly Wharf, oh yeah and did I mention that I have a pool, well I do, not my own pool but hell it's still a pool.

Here is a link to map of the lcoation of my 'unit': MAP

Other than that I've started training at the International Wing Chun Academy in Sydney's Chinatown, which while thoroughly enjoyable is proving rather frustrating to say the least. For those of you that give half a shit, there are a few distinct differences between the Wing Chun system that I am familiar with and the one taught here.. Which has meant that they are making me learn their system from scratch... Therefore frustrating from two angles as a) it's not as effective as the Kamon system that I am used to and b) it just gets boring when you aren't getting the chance to progress....

SOOOOOOOOOOo... I am going to visit another school over here on Wednesday run by a guy called Rick Spain.. I will give that a go anyway and take a rain check after that. I just hope that when I get to Hong Kong that the wing chun world might choose to put politics aside..

Other than that, still hanging with Dave, Danny, Scott and Paul from the US. Aki from Japan who is a true character. This guy has diplomatic immunity as his Dad is a highly ranked official in the Japanese CIA and mad as Aki is it's a miracle that he's as together as he is considering his nomadic existence. I must admit that I wouldn't mind having a diplomatic passport and another 6 others...

I think quite a few of you have seen the Halloween photos, but for those of you that haven't... Photo 1 / Photo 2

Oh yeah and I also bought a new car, when I say new that's not entirely correct. It's a 93 Toyota Camry 2.2l, it's a fine motor air con, tinted windows, automatic blah blah blah. It's get me around Australia anyway, so that's what matters. As soon as I get a photo taken I'll let you see her......

Met one of my neighbours the other day too, a bloke called Aiden, nice enough chap and to boot his Dad used to play for guess who in the 60s..... yep Watford FC.. and for some more 'isn't it just a small world' tales I bumped into Sally who I travelled from Nelson to Wellington with in New Zealand.. I was also walking through Manly the other day and walked past one of the barmaids from the Royal Oak in Clapham... yes I hear you, it is truly a small world...

but for now folks adieu


At 6:05 PM, Jon Cross said...

That looks like Pizii in that fancy dress photo, is it?

At 4:18 AM, Ed Beesley said...

that is incorrect, it is not Pizii, it's Paul Ford
but you're not the first person to ask whether that was Pizii in the photo



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