Monday, April 25, 2005

Bangkok to Blighty

Well kids seeing as I am bored shitless, no correction this is a level of boredom that I have only otherwise experienced while watching paint dry and playing chess at the same time whilst listening to Genesis... I am sat here in Bangkok International Airport with another 6 hours waiting to go before I catch my flight to London.

And it is whilst in this higher state of boredom that I am forced to notice the HUGE number of western guys with Thai ladies hanging off their arms. No wait a second I am not saying that we all don't deserve our share of happiness... of course we do, but this is my 5th visit to Bangkok and I have genuniely not noticed it being such a prominent sight here.

Anyway, just thought I'd remark upon that.......... I will see many of you abck in London, I really hope it's raining.



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