Thursday, April 21, 2005

NEWS FLASH: Olympic Chopper returns to UK


had some trouser soilingly exciting news on Tuesday, namely that I will be representing the Ving Tsun Athletic Association as one of three Wing Chun artists to be demonstrating to the Chinese Olympic Committee from Beijing here in the main arena of Hong Kong's Kowloon Park Indoor Centre this Sunday.

The event will feature 11 styles of Kung Fu from Hong Kong, including Wushu, Chow Gar, Choy Lee Fut etc. I will be demonstrating real-life applications of Wing Chun techniques to the committee with another student. As some of you will already know Wushu is to be a offical medal event at the Beijing Olympics and the idea of Sunday seems to be that the committee gets to see the quality of Wushu in Hong Kong along with other styles of Kung Fu.

As you can imagine I am somewhat nervous, but incredibly honoured to be part of this event, especially after last Sunday's representation in the Wing Chun demonstration in Kowloon Park. I have no doubt that I will be the only westerner once again and I'll get some more 'What the hell are you doing here?' looks, but who gives a shit, I'll nail it and hopefully they'll be giving me the thumbs up again like last week!

Some more news, heading back to London on Tuesday of next week (26/04/05) to get Canada and US trip sorted, so hopefully get a chance to catch up with a few of you....

keep rockin'
The Angriest Man in Asia


At 11:37 AM, Debsa said...

Back in the UK tomorrow mate???? Tell me where and when the cold beers are being served and I'll be there for sure. Take care, Debsa


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