Bergdorf Blondes - The novel

A review by Esohe Ebohon

Bergdorf Blondes is the first novel by Plum Sykes. The London-Born, New York based socialite who got her big break when she went to the other side of the Atlantic to write for American Vogue.

When I heard about her first much hyped novel I knew it would be an instant best seller. You see there is something about Plum (real name Victoria) that clearly fascinates people. An Oxford educated writer who began her career with work experience at British Vogue, and after a 3 year stint working for the magazine was personally head hunted by Anna Wintor and quickly became the darling of American Vogue and a regular on the New York social scene.

Bergdorf Blondes is the NY term given to Park Avenue (The Mayfair of NY) princesses, a group of extremely blonde, extremely beautiful and extremely wealthy uptown girls who reside in NY upper Eastside. Their fame and money comes from inheritance and a family name is usually attached. As Plum informs us during the first paragraph of her book everyone would like to be one but it is extremely difficult. The book itself has received rave reasons and Plum became the subject of an article rather than an interviewee in American Vogue before the book release as readers were given an exclusive portion of the first chapter of the book (Who could ask for better advertising, designers pay millions each season for the same privilege).

As she tells the story of her two main characters, moi (herself) and Julie, her best friend and their highly glamorous lives one gets the feeling of being taken into the literature version of Sex and the City, better than the Original version by Candace Bushnell on which the actual TV series were based.

The story tells of the complicated lives of the Princesses such as attaining the right blonde hair colour and fashion dilemmas (what else do you have to worry about when you are worth 100 million and nothing else to so with your time) mixed with the real life insights of Plum’s life and the crazy relationship designers have with NY’s jet set.

It has all the makings to keep any potential socialite, fashion and party addict wide eyed for days or however long it takes to read the book ( with designers being name dropped too many times to count). And of course no NY jet setter’s life would be complete without the search for a fiancée who will put a large and very expensive diamond ring on that engagement finger.

For you romantics who want to find out whether Plum and her friends will be lucky in love and for you fashionistas who want to know which designer will make the wedding dress you will just have to read the book.

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