Super Threads: Fashion's Last Resort
by T. Katrina Ramser

costume fashionFashion has done it all, starting out in Paris as art made only for the aristocracy and ending up in America as a million dollar industry. We now mix leg warmers with peasant blouses, throw in vintage reconstructed jeans and pair it with a $800 pair of Armani black sling back shoes. Costumes have undergone their own evolution, from armors and arms, corsets and underpinnings, theatrical, ethnic and era. Some pretty stunning costumes have notably even been worn by comic book super heroes. Today's cat walks could do with an injection of super hero style, tights and all.

Costumes - they're glamorous (unless, of course, you choose to dress up as your favorite Polish Folklore hero). They're flashy, extreme, and completely unique, not to mention practically timeless. The Superman costume is over 70 years old in design, and it still looks sleek and modern. Plus, nothing says drama like a cape swish-swashing when you exit the room. And underwear over the pants - well, Calvin Klein made this particular clothing necessity his trademark.

Battlestar Galactica - now there are some fashion statements. On, original items used during the filming of the series in 1978 and 1979 can be viewed for fashion pleasure. There simply are not enough Male Warrior Tunics and Fire Jackets on the streets nor available in department stores. The Female G-Suit can be compared very closely to today's full-body jean Cat Suits.

cat womanThe Star Wars Storm trooper costume can be summed up in one word - hot. What wonderful, white warrior wear. You can build your own Storm trooper costume with information on the Star Wars site which provides tips on making everything from a body cast to sculpting out the parts using a low-grade plastic. No other clothing could possibly conveying the message of CONTROL to others as much as a full on Storm trooper costume :.

The Star Trek costumes single-handedly revitalized the V-neck sweater but frankly did very little for sales of all in one Lycra jump suits or pointy ears for that matter…

Joel Schumacher's Batman incarnation was a homo erotic rubber fest complete with molded nipples, apparently all the rage on the San Franciscan clubbing scene.

With Spiderman, starring Tobey Maguire (isn't he a little too soft-faced to play a super-build stud?), set to spin its magical web in theatres June 14 (United Kingdom) and May 3 (United States), is it now finally de rigeur to wear sheathed latex and Lycra while out and about shopping and fighting crime?

Of course some people can get it very very wrong...

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