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Jennifer LopezIn New York, the world's media awaits the red carpet for the influential players in the world of entertainment and fashion for the annual VH1/Vogue fashion awards. At the ceremony, trophies will be awarded to the best styled men and women in music and film and the most instrumental designers and models as voted for by the fashion industry.

Over the past decade celebrity media has exploded across the tabloids and has consumed the pages of glossy magazines. As a natural progression fashion awards began a few years ago highlighting the growing expectancy from the media on celebrities to look good and project glamour.

Everyone in the industry wants to cash in on the trend . For all major entertainment events from award shows to movie premieres, major designers are after big name celebrities to wear their designs.

The 'CNN' factor means images are seen all over the world. When a star wears a designer outfit to a star studded event, its like placing a billboard ad, sales go up almost immediately. Look what Liz Hurley and Jennifer Lopez did for Versace.

Elizabeth HurleyTrying to obtain stars to wear their designs has reached new heights with Dolce & Gabbana creating tour outfits for Madonna and Whitney Houston and Juilen Macdonald designing for Kylie Minogue.
Fashion magazines such as Vogue and Harpers Bazaar now have the hottest stars on their covers with previous covergirls including Winona Ryder, Britney Spears, Madonna and Gynneth Paltrow.

Despite access to the world's most expensive and beautiful clothes, stars simply do not have the time to concentrate on theircareers and image at the same time. As a result the hire professional dressers aka stylists.
Once frowned upon by the fashion industry stylists are now being hailed as the backbone of fashion.

Jennifer Lopez, winner of the 'Best styled female' two years ago, claims not to have one but several stylists.

The job of a stylist consists of keeping up with thetrends and shopping for their client. Stylists have become very powerful in the fashion industry because clothes designers have to influence the stylist to get to the star. More successful stylists often enjoy V.I.P treatment with front row seats at fashion shows including free clothes and flights.

Renee ZellegerFor stars, particularly women, your success can be heightened by your style. At last years show, Renee Zellweger picked up the award for Best red carpet moment and despite movie success in Jerry Maguire and Bridget Jones, it was not until her fashion decisions improved that her success truly soared. She now receives praise from the likes of Shoe designer Manolo Blankik and British designer John Galliano.

In the early 1990's Versace took his best models and created a new breed of women the world came to know as 'Supermodels'. They ozzed sex appeal, style and glamour but their popularity has declined and we now look to our favourite stars for the same thing.

As the public becomes more fashion conscious, simply wearing the right labels is no longer enough. The hair, make-up and clothes are part of the gig and unless you are naturally stylish and you have the time to follow the trends, there will always be someone willing to do the job for you.

Esohe Ebohon


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