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Winona Ryder - A crime of fashion

After what some described as one of the highest profile celebrity cases this year the jury returned a guilty verdict on the shop lifting charges brought against actress Winona Ryder.

After the initial excitement and publicity died down many people found they were pondering the bizarre details of this case.

Okay, lets take a minute to think about it...

A famous actress walks into the prestigious Saks Avenue department store in Beverly Hills and walks around for several hours picking up different items of clothing she's interested in buying.

Are you still with me?

She then proceeds to checkout, only when she gets there she pays for half the clothes she has picked up and after which she attempts to make her way out the store.
When stopped by security she plays miss innocent declaring there must be a mistake.

Winona's shopping list

* Gucci dress (white): $1,595
* Marc Jacobs thermal top: $760
* Yves Saint Laurent blouse: $750
* Natori handbag: $540
* Dolce & Gabbana handbag: $525
* Eric Javitz hat: $350
* Eric Javitz hat: $225
* Rhinestone hair band (black): $140
* Rhinestone ponytail holder (black): $120
* Rhinestone hairclip (black): $110
* Rhinestone hair bow (black): $110
* Cashmere blend socks (beige): $80
* Beaded purse, two (black): $55 each
* Saks socks, two pair (cream): $38 each
* Donna Karan socks, one pair (brown): $20
* Calvin Klein socks, two pair (gray): $16.50 each
* Calvin Klein socks, one pair (purple): $16.50

The question on everyone's lips is why? The most common reason for shoplifting is money, a desire to have what you can't afford but surely in her line of work this is not an issue.

The second question is why was she so indiscreet about what she was doing? Not that we are condoning stealing here @ but surely she could have taken a bit more care?

In court every excuse was presented to the jury in an attempt to explain the goods found in her bag.
"She was intending on paying" her defence team stated. "She thought she was walking into another department of the store" came another excuse.

The most original had to be "a movie director told her to steal to rehearse for a film", an excuse which prompted laughter from the courtroom. This excuse fell flat on its face when she was unable to present the name of the so-called director who told her to steal.

When her defence team ran out of excuses it soon became clear to the court that Miss Ryder simply could not be bothered to pay for her goods and like most shoplifters thought she would get away with it, after all she is an Hollywood actress.

Despite being one of the brat pack in the early nineties Winona hasn't being up there for a while now so maybe she is unable to make the same demands as some of her peers. However you still need to look good and she wasn't willing to pay the price, literally.

So this whole thing got me thinking about fashion trends and what styles of clothing Winona should have gone for?

She is a petite woman, no taller than 5"4 feet tall therefore she needs clothes with nice lines taking great care to make sure they fit properly and she should stay away from anything too outrageous or colourful or it will overpower her and anything baggy is definitely out. If you take a look at her shopping list above you can see that she has chosen some great stuff. Quite a lot of accessories, Winona likes her hats, and a white Gucci dress. But what possessed her to steal socks, even if they were CK?

So what's in for shoplifters this season?

Hats - to hide you from store security cameras.
A big coat to get loads of swag in.
Training shoes, just incase you have to make a run for it.
Fake beard optional...

Esohe Ebohon

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