Monthly Horoscope

August 2005

by Mary Stone

Aries (21 March Ė 19 April)

Youíve just spent a month being rather hot headed and reactionary about things. Well everyoneís thanking the heavens that youíre much more calm now and knuckling down to tackle some pressing, perhaps a bit boring, mundane matters. Thatís August, but in the longer term a new phase is starting for you. With major player Saturn moving into Leo for the next twelve months you can expect to be getting a bit more serious and taking on greater responsibilities. But youíll be able to handle them and your organisational talents are due to come into their own.

Taurus (20 April - 20th May)

Youíre normally a pretty calm person but when pushed to the limit you can go off like a volcano! Watch out for potential eruption inducing situations this month, although it will seem difficult when your efforts are being frustrated. But remember, if you channel all that energy wisely you can move mountains. From now and for the next twelve months you might experience issues concerning your home. This could mean the actual place you live or matters relating to your upbringing and family. You may have to be the rock that others cling to sometimes, but try and share this huge responsibility.

Gemini (21 May -21 June)

Your natural quick wittedness and alert mind is about to be tested and you could soon find yourself having to apply that flighty mind of yours to more serious matters that need careful consideration. Statements and actions are at odds mid month leaving you feeling confused and angry. Situations you thought you understood and had under control could turn out to be a slippery fish, proving much more difficult to manage than you first imagined. Keeping a level head and going over facts again more thoroughly will go a long way toward sorting out any potential problems.

Cancer (22 June - 22 July)

You may be inclined to thinking carefully about what it is you really value in life this month and acting in a way that increases your sense of security. Being a Cancerian you often feel overwhelmed by the ups and downs of life so it matters more to you than most to have things in life you can depend upon. Getting your house in order, looking ahead and planning for the future might sound a bit unglamorous or unexciting but now is a great time to get these things sorted. With just a bit of hard work on your side now and you will able to look forward to a rosy future.

Leo (23 July - 22 August)

What is it you want to be remembered for? This August is the start of a very important phase in your life and how you act now will determine its outcome. You may feel a little daunted at first but itís worth remembering that Saturn moving into your sign indicates an auspicious time that promises great rewards but only if you put in the hard work. Thatís basically the theme in your life from now and the next couple of years; work hard, play hard and see the benefits come rolling in. But do half a job and not only will you lose out on the goodies youíll be left feeling that youíve missed out on something big. So start planning and scheming because youíve a lot to gain.

Virgo (23 August - 22 September)

Make some time for yourself this month and use it to take stock of things in general. Easier said then done, I know when youíve got a hundred and one tasks to do. But you deserve some time of your own even if it is just a half hour to put your feet up and daydream. Letting your mind wander will help you evaluate areas of your life that you might have been neglecting recently. You should feel able to count on others for support at this time, in fact you may be delightfully surprised at how keen people are to help you. Itís an unassuming charm you possess at the moment thatís proving very attractive, so my advice to you is make the most of it!

Libra (23 September - 22 October)

Getting involved in group activities, hobbies and increasing your social activity should prove very beneficial this August. Being a Libran socialising is something you find fairly easy so you should enjoy your role this month. Influential people are about and you are in a position to really impress as long as you play it cool. On another note friends may need more support now and you could soon be acting as the strong rock or a shoulder to cry on. Just be careful you donít fall for a sob story that sees you parting with cash for a lost cause. Make it clear that youíre there for emotional support and good advice so everyone knows where they stand.

Scorpio (23 October - 21 November)

Watch out for that jealous streak of yours this month when a case of the green eyed monster grabs you with both hands and shakes you about like a rag doll! Youíre deeply sensitive at heart though you hide it perfectly behind that cool exterior and you sometimes feel unworthy of the affection you receive from loved ones and the praise you get because of your work. However, these little lapses in confidence are just that and you mustnít worry that youíre not everything and more to the people in your life. Others will see you as short tempered and irritable this month, but if you explain your feelings and cease to bottle them up all will be forgiven.

Sagittarius (22 November - 21 December)

Its holiday season and youíre probably getting itchy feet if you havenít yet been away on your summer holidays. August is a great month for you to go somewhere new, whether itís abroad or not it doesnít matter as long as you get to see a new place and meet new people. Youíre not one to always plan trips too carefully, preferring the thrill of spontaneity, however it might be wise to buck the trend and at least map out a few details. This will mean unpleasant surprises are more easily dealt with if they do occur. Work is likely to be absorbing a lot of your energy this month so even if you donít get away now at least make plans for a break soon, as youíll definitely deserve it.

Capricorn (22 December - 16 January)

That earthy sensuality that you so often hide under your cool aloof manner is bubbling nicely to the surface this month with love and romance both definitely on the cards. Whether itís serious or not time will tell but seeing as this is holiday season it could be that a holiday romance is likely. If youíre already attached then your relationship will get a definite boost from a trip away together. In the long term you are about to enter a phase that sees your finances in the spotlight. Getting these in order now will benefit you in the long run but my overall advice is to read the small print carefully because things arenít always what they seem.

Aquarius (20 Janurary - 18 February)

As Saturn moves into Leo you will embark on a period of time that sees you putting a lot of work and effort into the areas of life that are most important to you. At times you will feel pulled in opposite directions, trying to work equally hard in different areas and it will seem that thereís little return for all the hard slog and other people may not appear as supportive as you wish. You might even be tempted to throw in towel on occasions when you feel that your efforts are not being recognised or youíre achieving little. But remember, as with most Saturn influences, there is a lot to be gained too and you will be glad in the long run when your ambitions are realised.

Pisces (19 February - 20 March)

You donít usually seek the limelight and are quite happy for the results of your hard work to speak for themselves, but this month you feel that you deserve some recognition. This is also a good time to think hard about what it is you really want to do and what activities best suits your talents and show you in your best light. Thereís some indication of change regarding your work life, whether itís they way you do it or another job altogether, youíll find it much more rewarding. The general pace of your day-to-day life should pick up a bit as well this August, which will see you on the go between a number of different locations.

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