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'The Female Businessman'
'The Apprentice', a reality television show offering competitors a high-profile job next to real-estate tycoon Donald Trump, is causing a media stir. But take away the lights, cameras and Donald's comb-over and you’re left with one of the key ingredients to the popular reality show: malicious females.

The Hollywood curse of the 'next big thing' and the problem with hype
Many stars come and go but there are a few who arrive on the scene surrounded by a buzz, critics are certain that they will be big stars, the next generation to take over from the last. That is what these actors had in common; they were tipped to be 'the next big thing'.

Celebrity Affairs and the Wife
In the space of a year two major stars have been in the headlines for having had affairs with their hired help and publicly humiliating their partners. The affairs were made all the more shocking by the individuals involved and what appeared to be the solidarity of the relationships. However as the details continue to leak out it seems that things were not all that they seemed.

Live 8 - Did it have an impact?
Live 8 came and went, people had a good time and Pink Floyd's back catalogue sales were boosted. After the hype and spectacle did it increase awareness and influence the politicians?

Cosmetic Surgery for teens
As of September 2004, the breast implant procedure amongst the teen community was up 24 per cent. Reports show teenage cosmetic surgery is on the increase. Why are so many kids willing to go under the knife?

Christmas dread
Ahh Christmastime. It’s the most wonderful time of the year. We’re surrounded by loved ones, holiday spirit is everywhere – including my favorite Peppermint Mocha at Starbucks – and the seasonal joy we’re all feeling is enough to last us through St. Patrick’s Day. Or is it?

Animal Liberation
Laurel Long is a 19-year-old college student from the US who feels passionately that animals should not be killed nor mistreated needlessly. She is a campaigner with the organistaion 'Compassion over Killing' and a happy vegan.

Bad Mood Day
"I am in a bad mood. And for the first time in my life, I will not hide it." Marissa Kristal is usually such a happy person...what happened?

Brainwashing R’ Us
A trip with a friend to a self development session turned into a cult indoctrination.

Growing up can be tough
Because when we’re little, no one warns us about the trials and tribulations we are going to endure for the next 100 years of our lives, Marissa Kristal imparts some practical wisdom: when the going gets tough, laugh.

Censorship - Is it obstructing our freedom of speach?
Dave Meringer accepts that society does need some censorship in certain cases but feels the media exercises it's own censorship that leaves many of us in the dark.

Testing on animals - Is it needed?
Kate Teasdale on why testing on animals should be stopped

Girls are sports fans too!!!
Guys sometimes think that girls arn't as into sports as them, and that they just like cheerleading or ice skating. In reality loads of girls are just as into baseball, basketball and football as the boys, they might even be bigger fans!

Even celebrities have feelings...
Krissy Brady apologises to stars like Avril Lavigne that she feels have suffered a harsh time of it in the newspapers. It seems that everyone wants to get a piece of them, but they are only normal people, they just have a cool talent.

Why do we get hangovers?
Sant P. Singh, a professor and chief of endocrinology, diabetes and metabolism at the Chicago Medical School, explains.

And the prize for most over the top gift goes too....
It turns out that Grammy and Oscar award nominees receive huge hampers worth A LOAD of cash. Where is the justice...? We are the ones who have to sit through the crappy TV shows, where is our reward?!

No place like a home
Jennifer Choy spends some time volunteering in a soup kitchen for homeless people in Toronto and writes about her experiences.

Valentines Day - What is your love worth?
Valentines Day has evolved into a day of commercialism, people buy their loved ones tacky toys, soulless cards and roses with no scent. Claire Wyatt puts forward the case for a less 'retail based' Valentines Day which holds more meaning.

The growth of Paganism
Paganism is one of the fasted growing religeons in the western world, but why does it hold appeal to us in our modern technology filled world?

David Beckham's Nails
Mr Beckham is a role model for many but he is sometimes a victim of fashion...
Bar etiquette
If you weren't aware there is a whole code of conduct you should be a ware of when buying a drink in N America

Latin Life

Random Feminism

Beauty skin deep...
We are told that beautiful people must be very thin and have certain facial charateristics...CRAP! Why do young women feel that they need to aspire to a look that requires surgery to achieve.

Blandness Rules UK

Breast cancer information

Date Rape Drug Warning

Inny or outy - tummy button wars
Join the petition to decriminalise the possession of an outty belly button! Not that any of the sound of youth team have one you understand...

Sexy, competitive, professional and bitchy as hell - one for the boys


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