And the prize for most over the top gift goes too....
Award Show Gift Baskets are too Much!

I don't think anyone would argue with me if I made the statement that celebrities were too rich for their own good.

Well, know that we have established that fact, I was completely blown away when I heard that this year's Oscar winners were receiving 70,000 dollar gift baskets as a thank you for attending.

I don't know if it may just be me, but doesn't it sound wrong when the richest people in the world are being thanked with ridiculously expensive gift baskets for attending Hollywood's swankiest event of the year? Even the loser's will be finding a huge gift basket packed with high end products, and the newest of technology in their dressing room this year.

You'd think that they'd already won the Oscar with the goodies that they were given. This year, the most over the top gift was laser eye surgery for all high profile stars, presenters and winners. This gift would seem a waste, as I bet many of them can afford to get laser eye surgery on their spare time whenever signs of lazy eye appear. So, while these stars look at their new loot as if it were chump change, there are people out in the world who really need the eye surgery and never mind the jewellery, cameras, and designer perfume, but the money could be used for things that would benefit those actually in need.

There was a lot of talk about toning things down this year in light of the war going on overseas, but besides the lack of a red carpet and Joan and Melissa Rivers, it was pretty much as superficial as it always is. News flash to the stars, wearing a black Versace gown instead of a gold one doesn't make you seem more sympathetic or compassionate. In fact, it would be really appropriate if they would all send their gift baskets overseas to the soldiers, their families or Irac people many of whom who are losing everything they own.

In other gift basket news, Grammy participators this year received baskets worth approximately 22,000-dollars, give or take a designer purse. Some of the items included a 4,000-dollar membership to Sports Club L.A, Invicta watches and Crest whitestrips. Well at least it was considerably less than Oscar gift baskets!

When people call Canada a developing U.S, they are not joking. Following in a more humble fashion, Canada's version of the Grammy's tried to live up to the extravagance of American award shows with their gift bags that totalled 3,000 dollars. Participators received MAC cosmetics, a Danier leather bag, Calvin Klein perfume and much more.

Fortunately for us, the stars aren't the only one's receiving gifts. In a fit of generosity, Oscar fans received a sampler of lipstick!!!! Well in other more important news, there are people in India who would die for a bowl of rice and a shower.

Jennifer Choy - April 2003

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