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movie news - Farrell's relationship fear (match: 8.47%)

Colin Farrell has revealed that the break-down of his marriage has made himwary of relationships.The Irish hell-raiser was married to actress Amelia Warner for four monthsin 2001 and hasn't been in a ...

Music - Pearl Jam (match: 8.06%)

Movies - Creep (match: 8.06%)

Read the Fazed interview with the director and star Franka Potente Young Brit director Chris Smith sets his feature length debut on the London underground where nasty things appear to go on down in ...

Movies - Enduring Love (match: 7.97%) Love.html

Movies - House of Flying Daggers (match: 7.89%) of Flying Daggers.html

Games - Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast (match: 7.89%) Knight 2: Jedi Outcast.html

Movies - The Royal Tenenbaums (match: 7.18%)

Love—the real-life kind, not the kind in the movies—is messy. Writer/director Wes Anderson likes to take on messy themes. They’re messy because they are things we think we pretty much already understa...

problems - flirtatiousgirlfriend (match: 4.51%)

Dear Joe, You've been with Beth for awhile, and I think it's great that you guys are able to work through your problems together - that's a definite sign of a stable foundation to a healthy relation...

problems - callingschedule (match: 4.23%)

Dear Lisa, If everything else about this guy – and your relationship – is so amazing, than why not let the “calling issue” go? As I’m sure you know, relationships are all about compromise. I don’t ...

problems - gaggleofgirls (match: 3.98%)

Dear Greta, I feel ya – the same thing happened to me recently after I started seeing someone who had more girl-friends than I have shoes and bags combined (that’s a lot!). He was constantly telling...

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