Dead Man's Shoes

Cast: Paddy Considine, Emily Aston, Gary Stretch
Director: Shane Meadows
Certificate: 18,
Cinema Release date: Ist Oct

Shane Meadows’ much anticipated fourth film (his last release being Once Upon a time in the Midlands) is a diversion into the world of horror but also reveals his great gift for storytelling as a thriller evolves that is both tragic but also very realistic.

In Once upon a time in the Midlands, a stranger played by Robert Carlyle heads back into town and causes romantic upset. Here, an older man played by Paddy Considine (In America and the soon-to-be-released My Summer of Love) comes back into town (to a home town in the midlands) with a more sinister aim since he appears to have a score to settle although we don’t know the whys or wherefores (yet). The stranger appears to be antagonistic towards a vicious local gang of drug-dealers and even though he is facing the might of a drugs gang alone, he appears to be fearless. That might have something to do with the fact that he’s come out of the military, even though he seems to be also a modest and kind man to those who are straight with him.

Gradually a story emerges of how this gang began to take the mickey out of the older man’s retarded brother and shows somewhat tragically how even the most intellectual characters can be guilty of harm simply through non-action.

Dead Man’s shoes is satisfyingly real and deserves to find a decent audience. Like all of Shane Meadows’ films, the dialogue co-written here by Considine who also took the lead to thrilling effect in Shane Meadows’ earlier film A Room for Romeo Brass, suits every scene and the film itself is well worth seeing for the satisfactory performances and Meadows’ fine ability to tell a good story.

Matt Arnoldi



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