This Futuristic film shows a society where emotions have been deemed illegal on the basis that emotions start war.

The state is issued with a medication called Prozium which prevents humans from feeling. People who do not take the daily dose are hunted down by Clericks, specially trained police officers, and put to death. All form of art including books, paintings, music, even perfume, are destroyed so not to provoke the senses.

Clerick John Preston (Christian Bale) is the top government agent, whose partner (Sean Bean) was terminated for not taking his dose, as did his wife four years previously. He gets issued a new partner (Dominic Purcell), an eager, young agent who is determined to take Prestonís place.

After Preston misses one dose he realises that feelings are more important than law and acts as a double agent joining the resistance, trying to overthrow the system he worked so hard to protect.

The combat is a form of martial art useing guns as an extension of the body and is quite beautiful to watch and an interesting concept, though highly reminiscent of the Matirx movie.

Though the choreographed fights are entertaining to watch, they are very frequent and one where swords are used instead of guns may be a little gruesome for some.

The concept is ingenious but very hard to carry out. My one complaint about it is that even though they are all supposed to be emotionless, Prestonís partner shows pride and smiles a lot failing to show complete lack of emotion. As do some of the guards during fight scenes when they are blatantly fearful of Preston. Maybe this could be viewed as human nature fighting back, but for the film I donít think itís quite ties in.

However, the challenging role of Preston is played brilliantly by Bale and it is well worth watching.

Carly Clements

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