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The Oscars 2005
Who won, who didn't - Matt Arnoldi takes a look at the big movies and stars at this years academy awards ceremony.

Chan-wook Park interview
The Korean director of Oldboy talks to Matt about his work

The Yes Men
Matt swings an interview with undercover saboteurs Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonnano, vis-ŗ-vis The Yes Men

An interview with 'The door in the Floor' director Todd Williams
The son of a celebrated architect, Tod Williams has managed to pull together an impressive cast for his second feature, The Door in the Floor. During last Novemberís London Film Festival, he took time out to talk to Matt Arnoldi about working with the likes of Kim Basinger and Jeff Bridges

An interview with the star and director of new scary movie 'Creep'
Londonís underground system is often questioned on grounds of safety. In Christopher Smithís new horror flick "Creep", a simple tube ride becomes a blood-curdling fight for survival. Making his feature-length debut, Brit director CHRIS SMITH and Bourne Supremacy star FRANKA POTENTE share some scary moments with Matt Arnoldi

An interview with Vanity Fair director Mira Nair
Mira Nairís latest film is a re-working of the Thackeray classic Vanity Fair with the likes of Reese Witherspoon, Gabriel Byrne and Rhys Ifans getting into period costume. During the London Film Festival, she talked to Matt Arnoldi about the process.

London Film festival 2004
In the space of 15 days, more than 180 feature films and 364 screenings - almost 150 were sold out. Matt Arnoldi summarizes the highs and the lows of the UKs top film festival.

An interview with Colin Farrell
Matt talks with Colin Farrell about his new film release 'A Home at the End of the World'.

The London film festival 2004 - what to expect
A look at this years London film festival by Matt Arnoldi.

An interview with Julie Bertucelli
Matt talks to French filmmaker Julie Bertucelli about her well-received film Since Otar Left which is released now on DVD.

An interview with Chris Rankin from Harry Potter
Becky Ireland interviews Chris Rankin who plays Percy Weasley in the Harry Potter movies.

The funniest movies ever...
We have compiled quotes from some the funniest films we have seen, if you know of more let us know!

The 40-hour Edinburgh International Film Festival experience
The excitement surrounding the 56th Edinburgh International Film Festival was in full swing weeks before it kicked off on the 14 August. That was about the same time that I found out I would be attending the Opening Night party

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