Team America DVD

Director: Trey Parker; Matt Stone
DVD Release date: 23rd May 2005

The South Park boys, Trey Parker and Matt Stone have produced a genius funny film which will become an after pub classic in the same vain as South Park the Movie. If you missed this film at the cinema then search it out as soon as you can, sit down with a group of friends and prepare for it to hurt as you laugh for 90 minutes!

Team America are tasked with protecting the world from International Terrorism. From there based within Mount Rushmore (The one with the Presidentsí faces carved in it) they deploy worldwide to take out Terrorists before they destroy western civilisation.

To this end they recruit Gary Johnston a rising acting star, who they use to act his way into an Arab terrorist cell, he proves to be so good Team America donít always recognise him! With the world again safe they retire to their base for a party, however, they have been deceived the real threat doesnít come from the Middle East but from North Korea and the Dictator Kim Jong Il.

But can Gary defeat Alec Baldwin (The Worlds Greatest Actor) and convince the Leaders of the World that Kim Jong Il is out to destroy all they believe in.

This film is an amazing achievement as it provides humour not only through the use of marionette puppets but also with a witty satirical script which could have been lost in the hands of lesser directors but Parker and Stone there was never a chance that style would win over substance.

The DVD is completed with 9 featurettes covering all the creation of the Team America world and a must for any collection.

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