Demented, Stalking, Pshyco, Britney Fan in red hot love prick shock tale

"At one point i thought i would go blind"

britney stalkerBritney Spears is like many young girls. She loves shopping at the mall, romance novels, and long strolls along the beach.
But there's two things that sets Britney apart from other 17 year olds...

My name is Jerome and i'm a the world's biggest Britney Spears fan. I have all her CD's and calendars, woolworth stationary sets, and some of her hair.

I met her after a show in my home town. I went backstage with my friend David and talked about how great she was! When I saw her I was like WOW! We talked for a while and I showed her all of the stuff I had. That took quite a while and after I gave birthday roses to her. She said I was sweet 6 times! Ha Ha Ha (I counted).

In that same week, Thursday, I went to Indianapolis in the USA to see Britney again! She was nice, as always, and she kept calling me sweet AGAIN!

And the picture above, I had blown up into an 8 x 10. I gave them to Britney and she opened the package and said, "Oh my God your crazy!" I was like WHOA! she said I was crazy! Ha Ha Ha! And then she showed everyone from JIVE and her management and was saying stuff i couldn't hear, but still I could have peed my pants!

In March of '99, I found out that Britney was touring again! I was so excited!

I bought tickets to 3 shows, Columbus, Ohio; Indianapolis, Indiana; and King's Island, Ohio. I have a paper round and i sold some of my mum's jewelry but it was worth it.

It was really cool. I counted down the days. Then, I found out that the first day of school was on the first day of the first concert!
So i torched the place! :) hehe
I met Chip one of the security guards at the show, he was sooo nice, he let me backstage after i did something for him.

It was awesome. We waited for Britney to come out there for about 45 minutes to an hour.
Then she did, she recognised me instantly, it was great, she said that she would call security if i came near her again, but i know she was just joking, ha ha, she has such a wonderful sense of humour.
she walked off because she was really busy. Then Chip showed me out and introduced me to some of his friends...

The next day, I went to school and showed off my bruised fanny. haha.
I love her lyrics, my favourite is 'Baby one more time', the end of the chorus goes:

"When I'm not with you I lose my mind
give me a sign, hit me baby one more time!"

and i just relate to that, cause when i'm not with Brit. i go real mad, Mr Smith actually caught my foaming at the mouth in science on tuesday. he he

I wanted to give Britney a sign. So when i saw her at the last show in Ohio i ran up to her as she was leaving in her car and i hit her.

She clutched her chest saying "you fucking arsehole, you've punctured my tit", but i think that was because there were other people there, she and i know that we love each other, but she has to keep all her fans happy. She is so selfless, i had my first wet dream last night.

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