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Ciara is the princess of Crunk and this album proves that she is indeed worthy of a wearing a crown. This first album by the super sexy Ciara seems far more sophisticated then her 19 years of age would suggest, and she has managed to get hook ups with some of the biggest names in the American R’n’B and Hip-Hop game; R.Kelly, Ludacris and Missy Elliot. She is in fact the protégée princess of the U.S music industry and her album is consequently produced by some of the games biggest beat makers Jazzy Pha, Petey Pablo and of course the old legend but newly publicised producer Lil’Jon, who is famed the King of Crunk.

Crunk music is a new production style from the ‘Durrty South’ of America, boasting a sound that’s a fresh mix beats with electro, bashment and hip-hop influences. Crunk has created a storm in the U.S and is described as ‘energy music’, Lil’Jon has even launched his own energy drink ‘Crunkjuice’.

Essentially Ciara’s album is the narration of the trials and tribulations of a young woman falling in love with tracks like ‘Pick Up The Phone’, ‘Next To You- featuring R.Kelly’ and ‘Other Chicks’. The lyrics are very sweet, adoring and feminine yet she unpredictably sings of resisting the temptations of the flesh and even has a track entitled ‘The Title’ which is about her longing to get married.

It is very refreshing to hear this type of self-respect being promoted and supported by the moguls of the highly sexed hip-hop industry. Although I’m proud to add that she does show sly undertones of ‘Girl Power’ on the album, shown in her latest release ‘1,2, Step- featuring Missy Elliot’ which is about the joys of dancing around with family! Even Ciara’s debut chart topper ‘Goodies' had a slightly feminist view with the song being about virginity and the lyric ‘If your looking for my goodies keep on looking coz’ my goodies, yes they stay in the jar’. It’s both clever and ironic considering how sexy her image is and how provocative the complex beats are.

For this reason that I agree that Ciara is the new Princess of Hip-Hop and she certainly sets a fantastic example for modern young women. The album is more-ish and soulful. She shares her philosophies on how to be independent, positive and a cutie. I would certainly recommend Ciara’s fresh, crunchy and beautiful album.

Hannah Jones

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