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Jessica Simpson - Angels

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Angels is probably Robbie Williams' best known song, it was huge in the UK and is a real favourite with loads of couples and pissed up pub karaoke singers. Jessica Simpson’s cover doesn't add much to the original her voice gives it a slightly different angle. She pronounces the lyrics really clearly and she certainly belts it out well. For those didn’t hear the original, I guess mainly people outside of the UK, it is a great song and others it's worth hearing for curiosity value.
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Check out the video here

Michael Gray - The Weekend

Release date: 1 Nov 2004

Michael Gray is a big dance music producer, in the past he has remixed Jennifer Lopez, Sugababes, and Christina Milian. This track is a good uplifting club dance floor filler, it could well become a classic. It features the vocal talents of someone called Shena, and has the lyric “I can’t wait for the weekend to begin” echoing the sentiment of every office worker in the world. The video is pretty cool, featuring a sexy secretary writhing on a photocopier.
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Razorlight - Rip it up

Release date: 29 Nov 2004
Official Web Site:

The fourth single from Razorlights 'Up all night' album, its not as catchy as the others, I loved Vice. It would work if you put it on at a party but this to me isn't really single material and there are better tracks on the album. It's ok but a bit dull, check out the Whyte Seeds instead this time.

Jo Jo - Baby it's you ft. Bow Wow

Release date: 15 Nov 2004
Official Web Site:

A really smooth track lifted from Jo Jo’s excellent debut album. A nice lyric and the cool rapping from Bow Wow (guess he’s not Lil’ any more). It’s really simple but it has a nice mellow pace and the production is really good ensuring Jo Jo’s singing is spot on.

McFly - Room on the 3rd Floor

Release date: 15 Nov 2004
Official Web Site:

Order room service, veg out on the bed channel surfing wearing the complimentary shower cap - Thats what I'd do in the 'Room on the 3rd floor'. Not the most exciting slice of rock but a really good tune with a cool Nah Nah Nah bit. Again proving that McFly have the songs as well as silly facial gerns, the video is excellent too.

Whyte Seeds - Lost my Love

Release date: 25 Nov 2004
Official Web Site:

A rocking tune a bit like The Datsuns but better, a simple rock riff with cool backing vocals and a beat that makes you want to wiggle your goods. I want to go to parties where they play this stuff. “back back get it back oh lord!” If there was any justice this would be number 1 in the charts...I mean when was the last time there was a decent number 1? One of the b-sides does sound a lot like Slade but the other 'Catch me now' could be a Razorlight A-side.

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