Liz Jagger in CCTV sex shame

2005-02-21 07:53:28

Mick Jagger's daughter has been caught on video romping with her latestlover on the stairs of a London nightclub.

Stunning Elizabeth Jagger can clearly be seen getting intimate with footballace George Best's son, Calum, in the raunchy tape recorded in the earlyhours of Thursday morning (17.02.05) by cameras at exclusive Londonnightspot, Kabaret.

A source told Britain's News of the World newspaper: "They didn't care thatall their groping and petting could easily be seen by security and otherguests and just carried on.

"They did everything except have full sex. They were doing the most privatethings and the guard could see everything. But they just carried on."

Rumours about the couple's antics began circulating last week after itemerged that the smitten pair had shared an intimate clinch in the trendyclub.

But stills from the sexy CCTV tape show Lancome model Lizzie and her24-year-old lover engaging in a string of sex acts in the stairwell of thetrendy club - just yards from the front door - before collecting theirbelongings and leaving the venue together.

Lizzie, 20 and male model Calum - famed for his wild partying- have beenclose friends for more than two years since being cast as husband and wifein a British ad campaign.

But after reportedly drinking champagne for most of the evening Lizzie - thedaughter of Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger and his former wife, JerryHall - seemed keen to take the relationship further without realizing thattheir intimate moments were being recorded by security guards.

A source said at the time: "They obviously didn't want to be seen.

"Elizabeth seemed quite on edge as though she didn't want them to benoticed.

"They were giggling as they left the venue and then jumped into the samecar."

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