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"Should I stop sleeping with him?"

This guy I like is 30 yrs old and is divorced with 3 kids and lives in Tennessee, but he is in my town visiting his kids. He's a big player. I first met him at a party; I was drunk and ended up sleeping with him that night. I realized the next day that I had made a mistake, but ended up sleeping with him several more times.

I know that he is using me for a good time and that he doesnít want a relationship. But for some reason, I still find him irresistible. Is there something wrong with messing around with him? Should I stop because I know heís leaving soon?

20 Dec 2005
Name: Kristyne
Age: 18

Hey Kristyne,

Itís okay as long as you both agree to the terms of being FWBís (Friends with Benefits).

Clearly, the only type of relationship your guy wants to work towards is a physical one. If you understand that and are capable of checking your emotions at the door, then by all means, go for it.

Having a FWB can definitely be an enjoyable and exciting experience; itís fun to have a companion with whom you feel comfortable being intimate with. But by the same token, separating sexual intimacy with emotional closeness is sometimes easier said than done; and thatís when being someoneís beneficial friend becomes hurtful and self-damaging.

But if youíre not involved with anyone else and are content keeping your relationship with this guy casual, then I see nothing wrong with enjoying each otherís company while heís still in town.

Good luck!

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