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"He cheats and lies"

I feel that I have put myself in a big mess. My ex-fiancť and I have been together for three years straight. Going into our fourth year things got messy. We have been on and off again the whole year. We have dated different people and find ourselves breaking it off and getting back together all the time.

We have big trust issues with each other, from a 1-10 itís about a 3. We try to work things out all the time, but the past always seems to come back to haunt us. Then we are back to dating other people again. Another month down the road it starts all over again.

Throughout our relationship I found him cheating on me multiple times. He would deny everything I ask him until I threw it in his face that he was caught red handed. My family also hates him because of all of this so it is very hard to go to family functions.

I feel that I met all these wonderful guys and just let them go for yet another heartbreak. I just donít know what to do anymore, Iím sick of all the love triangles. If we should try to work it out how do we deal with the family issues?

19 June 2006
Name: Stacy
Age: 20

Dear Stacy,

I think youíve answered your own question, my dear. In your own words, youíre sick of all the love triangles.

Sometimes in relationships love just isnít enough. As much as I know you want to believe you can work through your issues and salvage your union and build a solid future together, Iím not certain this is possible.

You deserve someone amazing, and someone who sees the amazing in you. What you do not need is a guy who cheats, lies and deceives. Your family dislikes him because they see all the ways heís hurt you time and time again. While this is your relationship and not your familyís, and therefore you get ultimate say, I think this is one time heeding their advice might be best.

I know choosing the single path is going to be tough, but it sounds to me like youíll have a lot of family and friends ready to support you in any way you need. And the best part? Ridding this guy from your life once and forever will leave an opening for the REAL Mr. Right to enter Ė the Mr. Right who wonít cheat on you and lie straight to your face.

Good luck!


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