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"How do I make my crush my boyfriend?"

I like this boy and he is such a cutie! We flirt so much and just yesterday we got into a fight and he was so cute when he apologized. How do I get him to be my boyfriend? Any tips? Everyone says were a cute couple. I am so excited, this is my first crush! What should I do?

9 Jan 2006
Name: Kelsey
Age: 13

Dear Kelsey,

First crushes are so fun, aren’t they? Enjoy it because you only get one first crush!

Let me get this straight – everyone tells the two of you that you make a cute couple, you flirt with one another shamelessly, and he’s already groveled for your forgiveness after a fight? Um, sounds to me like you don’t need as much advice as you think you do! Darling, you’re much farther along in the “make him my boyfriend” process than you realize!

So what now? For starters, keep doing what you’re doing – flirt, flirt and oh yes, flirt!  Clearly, it’s working.

Next, do you have any school assemblies or field trips coming up? I used to use both as prime times to sit next to my crushes and spark up conversation with them – you can easily do the same! The more you talk to your crush, the more he’ll see you as a confident, fun-loving girl (note – that’s what you want!).

Lastly, why not organize a group outing for you, your friends, your crush and his friends? It can be anything from going to the movies, a trip to the mall, a picnic in the park, a softball game, etc. Group excursions are great because, unlike one-on-one dates, they’re less nerve-wracking and pressure-free. And if the atmosphere is pressure-free, you and your crush will be able to comfortably hang out, talk and get to know one another even better.

It sounds to me like you’re already on the right track, but with the tips I’ve outlined above, hopefully your first crush will become your first boyfriend!

Good luck!

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