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"Does he like me or is he just a flirt?"

There is this guy I like, and I have known him for a while, and we are good friends and I think he likes me. We have gym together and he is always talking to me and I catch him staring at me, and he has a hacky-sack that he throws at me. He also kept trying to get me to run with him around the track. But he is also known as a flirt, so should I ask him out? Please help.

22 May 2006
Name: Catherine
Age: 15

Dear Catherine,

Hereís a little piece of advice about flirts from a flirt (me!): We may be flirtatious by nature, but we certainly donít lavish our attention and adoration on everybody!

So what if heís a flirt? Iím willing to bet he doesnít flirt with every single girl at school, right? He obviously deems you very flirt-worthy! Thatís a compliment in and of itself Ė he thinks youíre hot stuff!

So what do you? Flirt back!

And if you donít feel comfortable with it, you donít have to ask him out per se; why not do a group date thing and ask him to meet you and your friends for a picnic in the park one weekend? Or invite him to your next party (when I was younger I always held movie dates and dance parties in my basement Ė a great opportunity to do some flirting without all the pressure of being on a one-on-one date!).

And if youíre really courageous and you want to just go for it, I say why not?! Ask him out! Is there a movie you think heíd be interested in seeing? If so, ask him to go with you this weekend! Or see if he wants to be your study-date for final exams. Not only will he be flattered, but heíll be super attracted to your confidence and self-poise!

Good luck!

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