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"One minute he's calling me "Sweetheart", and next he's ignoring me!"

There is this guy that I like A LOT - I mean he is my dream guy! I met him about 3 months ago and I work with him. There is a slight age difference between us – I’m 17 and he’s 23 – but he’s aware of that and it’s not a problem.

I think that he likes me too; he is always poking me and calling me names like "gorgeous", "Baby Girl" and "sweetheart." Anyways lately I have been very baffled by his behavior towards me, it sort of seems like he is ignoring me. Like anytime I get anywhere near his direction he will turn the other way, and then later he will come up to me and start talking to me like nothing is wrong. It is so weird! He even gave me a hug the other day.

I am so confused! What is going on? Is he annoyed by me? Does he get nervous around me? What do you think? I am so confused please help me!

30 Jan 2006
Name: Nicole
Age: 17

Dear Nicole,

Remember when we were little and the boys who had crushes on us would yank our hair and pinch us as a way to get our attention? Yeah, it’s kinda like that.

I know we want to believe that as we get older boys find a better way of flirting with us (and some do!), but alas, it isn’t always the case. Even at 23, some guys still yank and pinch, or in your case, act hot and cold.

This is his way of flirting with you!Is it a very good way? Not so much. But it’s his way nonetheless. Turning the other direction when you come near, but then later talking to you like nothing’s the matter, and calling you adoring names like “sweetheart” and “baby girl” – those are little games he’s playing with you to get you to notice him!  And guess what? It’s working!

So now, flirt back!

And if you’re brave, ask him to grab a cup of coffee or see a movie with you this weekend. No matter what language of love you speak - hair-pulling, shin-kicking or blowing air kisses - I guarantee you, asking someone out on a date is universally understood. He’ll get the point (and so will you for being so cool, confident and forward!)

Good luck!

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