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"He's so shy"

OK I like this guy at school, but he's REALLY shy. The only girls he talks to are me and my friend and we both like him. I think he might like me, but I don't know. I don't really have any evidence; it's kind of a gut feeling. I just donít know how to talk to him or especially ask him out. It's really hard because he's so shy. Even if we're just friends- I'm OK with that. I just want to be around him. Any advice?

3 Feb 2005
Name: Allison
Age: 13

Dear Allison,

I think your gut is leading you in the right direction, since despite his unbelievable shyness, he still musters up his courage to talk to YOU! And yeah, so he talks to your other friend, too, but obviously you guys make him feel comfortable and at ease, and thatís definitely a very good thing!

As far as asking him out, Iíd be careful there as I wouldnít want you to scare him off. What happens to snails when they get frightened? They quickly crawl back into their shells! Letís try not to do that to our reserved, introverted friend.

Therefore, Iíd keep doing what youíre doing, which is getting to know him on a friend level. And I always say getting together in groups is a great way to get to know someone better as there can be so much pressure involved in one-on-one dates. So why not plan a group gathering Ė a movie, a picnic, ice-skating, brunch. Anything that gets you two together in a fun, group atmosphere!

And if nothing else, youíre sure to gain a good friend!

Good luck!

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