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"Can I get an STD by having dry sex?"

I have a boyfriend and we recently had "dry sex", we had all of our clothes on but he still managed to get some "sperm" on me, and from far as we can see it only got on my leg but what happens if it got on around the "genital" area on my underwear, can I still get an STD? Please reply I am soooooooo scared!! Thanks!!!!

28 Dec 2005
Name: Anonymous
Age: 17

Dear Anonymous,

Just like my junior year in college when I accidentally sliced the tip of my index finger off with my razor (ouch!), this is one of those times when having a nurse for a best friend really comes in handy!

According to the all-knowing Nurse Katie, you’re in the clear. Once sperm hits the air, it dies. Therefore, in this case, the only way your partner could transmit any sort of STD to you would be if you had a massive sore or open wound near your genital area – and even then, it would still be pretty unlikely.

Since this incident scared you so badly, I suggest both you and your boyfriend do the responsible thing and go and get tested. Even if you’re not having sex, it sounds to me like you may be headed in that direction (remember, oral sex counts as sex, too). Once the two of you get your clean bill of health, and supposing you’re in a committed and monogamous relationship, in the future when faced with this type of situation you’ll be able to breathe much easier.

Good luck!


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