Brighton Rocks

Brighton is one of the most exciting and beautiful seaside cities in Britain with the masses of clubs restaurants and bars for every culture.

Brighton is known to be NO 1 gay city in Britain as well as being a magnet for lesbians and gay men from all over the globe. During the amazing GAY pride parade hundreds of gay straight and lesbian people fill the streets of Brighton with their costumes and banners for a parade from Kemp town to Preston park where the biggest festival is held - people party till they drop.

Shopping plays a big part of the Brighton experience (well for me anyway). There is a good mix of high street stores in Churchill square but my favourite shops are all in The Lanes, they are great if you like weird and wonderful bits and bobs like me. The lanes were once the heart of the old fishing town squeezing through a maze of twisting alleyways, brick pavements, flint stone walls, full of life and culture. Today the lanes have a trendy cosmopolitan appeal.

The nightlife is amazing in Brighton you never get bored of the bars and clubs. I recommend the 5-6 clubs on the beach front in the old brick archways, in the day they are trendy bars and by night they turn into thumping nightclubs.

The Beach is a club I particularly like, if you are into cheesy 70ís 80ís and early 90ís music and you can dance like a chicken the whole night and you look goodÖ On a Saturday night itís £10 to get in and drinks are about £4-£5 each so you need to start saving to have a really good night in there but remember you have still got a lot of trendy bars to go to first.

Walkabout is a Australian bar on the busy west street it has a really good atmosphere everyday of the week Friday and Saturday nights are pretty good down there as they have a number of local talented bands that play which makes a wicked start to the night. Student nights are Tuesday and Thursday that are becoming increasingly popular (very cheap) and Brighton has lots and lots of students.

If you are planning a visit from London it is about 30 minutes on the train from Victoria station. Brighton is a nice place to live well I like and i've now lived here for six years, I moved there from London and I donít think I will ever return to live in LondonÖ BRIGHTON ROCKS...

Emma Goodchild

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