Paradise Found - Part 1
A week in the Cayman islands…what could be better?

lifes a beach - 7 mile beach grand caymanWell two weeks would be great but as far as the location was concerned the Cayman islands were paradise and I didn't want to leave.

First I had to get to Grand Cayman…

I had to check in at London Heathrow at 6:00am on Tuesday morning…I got to the airport on the all night Gatwick express train service that runs from Victoria station which cost about £10 and it worked pretty well.

I reached Gatwick tried to find the bloody terminal and check in desk…they really should write this vital information in bigger writing on the ticket…anyway I found it finally and was one of the first to check in so I got a window seat with loads of leg room - hurrah!

Next I hung around for ages in the departure lounge - I had some breakfast, read a newspaper and nodded off…Zzzzz

Okay…they have called my gate I'm off….

The flight was fine, It was with Virgin and so we all had little TV screens in our seats to watch movies on, I saw the visually spectacular Moulin Rouge and terminally dire Dr Doolittle 2…listened to bad world music and slept.

First stop Miami airport…off the plane the warmth and humidity compared with the damp cold I had just left in the UK hit me and I finally felt like I was on holiday.

As soon as I was off the plane and into the airport a security guard wanted to see my passport - I obviously look like a shady character - "How's London…Tony he's our guy" yup this was America…

Since the American World trade centre attack there had been no automatic baggage transfer in the US and so I had to collect my bag and go out through customs then check in and go through security checks again.

The security checks were very tight…I even had to undo my trousers for the woman to wave her metal detector wand thing around. In Miami airport it would be an advantage to be able to speak Spanish.

Okay onto the next plane -Cayman Airways with its little pirate turtle logo on the plane's tail. This flight to the island lasted just 2 hours and went very smoothly.

I stepped off the plane into humid warmth, it was great - into the airport for more security checks…"how do you plan to support yourself on the island" etc…
After about 15 hours of travel I finally got in a taxi that would take me to my hotel - the Marriott on seven mile beach.

I should explain the reason for the trip - I am not prone to jetting off to exotic climes, this was my parents 30th wedding anniversary and the second time in my life we were to have a family holiday, my sister and her husband who live in the states were flying also to meet with us.

The Marriott hotelI arrived at the hotel and greeted my parents who had flown out earlier in the week. I had a quick tour but I was tired and it was time to hit the sack. The hotel was practically on the beach and I wasn't going to go to sleep without seeing the sea.

I collected up a fallen coconut from the hotel pool with terrapin eyes upon me, walked to the beach and ripped the husk of the nut smashed it on the steps and ate half of the white flesh inside. The sky was so clear and star bright - I went up the hotel lift to bed and slept like a log.

To be continued…

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